JBX-8100FS image

JBX-8100FS 100kV EBL tool capable of writing features as small as 5nm on wafers up to 200mm.

SBQMI has invested heavily on acquiring a state-of-the-art electron-beam lithography tool that enables device fabrication at the nanoscale, where quantum properties of materials manifest themselves. An intense, well formed and focused beam of electrons, scanned by precision electronics and driven by computer design data, can directly write features of a few nanometers in size on polymers, across a large wafer area with a diameter up to 8 inches. The best-in-class specifications of the electron-beam writer, combined with its installation within a dedicated cleanroom (room 65 in the basement), free of vibrations and electromagnetic noise, afford SBQMI the capability of fabricating cutting-edge nanostructures fast and reproducibly.

The tool is a JEOL model JBX-8100FS spot beam/vector scan electron-beam lithography system incorporating a thermal field emission electron gun. It has an accelerating voltage of 100 kV and the stage has a laser positioning resolution of 0.6 nm. The minimum beam width of 2 nm supports ultra fine pattern writing at a minimum line width of 8 nm or less. The system has a maximum scanning speed of 125 MHz and can operate in two exposure modes (high-resolution and high-speed) for a wide range of applications from ultra fine pattern writing to speed oriented writing of small to mid-size patterns for production.

The tool is easy to operate, with a versatile LINUX operating system and a graphical user interface. To be able to make the most of this system, SBQMI has an extensive software suite for data preparation, which includes GeniSys Beamer/Tracer and JEOL’s own software, available via dedicated servers, and users can prepare their designs and writing without the need of entering the lab. Furthermore, the tool has a range of sample holders which can accommodate a wide range of sample sizes, from small pieces to full wafers up to 8-inch in diameter.