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image - wetbench in ISO-5 room

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Renovated Cleanroom

The facility’s cleanroom is contained within Labs 446 in Brimacombe’s AMPEL wing, and the available floor area is obviously limited by the overall room footprint. In the old configuration, a considerable part of this area was taken by so-called gray space, housing, among other things, vacuum systems, process gases, and other support infrastructure. Following an extensive renovation, this space was fully reclaimed by making use of the mezzanine level above as gray space instead, effectively doubling the cleanroom area itself. As a result, together with the increased space, it was also possible to fit a second yellow cleanroom.

Furthermore, all of the infrastructure that renders the labs a cleanroom and controls its environment, was replaced, and at the same time, cleanroom furnishings and many new tools and instruments were bought and installed. To avoid a long listing of items, it would not be far from truth at all to actually say that everything is now brand-new. Importantly, the certified lab cleanliness was also upgraded by one ISO class. The drawing in the figure below shows the renovated cleanroom layout. You will find that the location of some of the tools is different than shown. We just decided it’s more efficient that way when we actually got to occupy the real space, as opposed to working on paper.

Image - renovated cleanrooms layout

The renovated cleanroom layout – Labs 446