Equipment Status

Current Equipment Status

(last update: January 21, 2022)

Equipment Name Current Status Notes
AJA evaporator/sputter Online
Restricted to pure metals
DeeDirectors evaporator Online
Room 449 – 8 materials including Au, Cr, Ti, Al, Ni – (Pd, SiO2, Ge)
NxQ4006 aligner Online Please remember to turn off nitrogen
Heidelberg MLA150 maskless Online Contact Matthias for training/access
JBX-81OOFS Ebeam Lithography Online Room 65;
Oxford ICP etcher Online restricted to shallow Si etching
ECR etcher Offline Room 449; Awaiting IGX100M pump repair
Xactix XeF2 etcher Online For selective etching of Si
PE-50 plasma asher Online
Trion PECVD Online
For SiN and SiO2 deposition & CF4/O2 etching
Vanguard Photonics PWB tool Online Optical waveguides to interface fibers with photonic devices & circuits
Wetbench ISO-6 white room Online Only bench for dangerous processes; also for processes that don’t require yellow light
Wetbench ISO-5 yellow room Online Reserved for EBL processes
            200 mm Headway spinner Online Reserved for EBL resists only
Wetbench ISO-6 yellow room Online Photolithography processes only
            Headway spinner Online Reserved for “regular type” resists
            Laurell spinner Offline Under repairs.  Will be stored as spare spinner
Dektak XT profilometer Online
Nanosurf/Surfscan Atomic Force Microscope Online Current tips for use in tapping mode
Filmetrics reflectometer Online
4 point probe Online
MTI muffle furnace Online Room 449
Miele glassware washer Online Use by ANF personnel only
Agilent leak detector Online For use by ANF personnel only
Tresky Die Bonder Online Room 449: Use by ANF & SiEPICfab personnel only
TPT wire bonder Online Room 449: Use by ANF & SiEPICfab personnel only
DAD3240 dicing saw Online Room 449: Use by ANF personnel only