Equipment Status

Current Equipment Status

(last update: November 3, 2021)

Equipment Name Current Status Notes
AJA evaporator/sputter Online
Restricted to pure metals
DeeDirectors evaporator Online
Room 449 – 8 materials including Au, Cr, Ti, Al, Ni – (Pd, SiO2, Ge)
NxQ4006 aligner Online Please remember to turn off nitrogen
Heidelberg MLA150 maskless Online Contact Matthias for training/access
JBX-81OOFS Ebeam Lithography Online Room 65;
Oxford ICP etcher Online restricted to shallow Si etching
ECR etcher Online Room 449; First use with Mario only
Xactix XeF2 etcher Online For selective etching of Si
PE-50 plasma asher Online
Trion PECVD Offline
For SiN and SiO2 deposition & CF4/O2 etching; waiting on repaired pump
Vanguard Photonics PWB tool Online Optical waveguides to interface fibers with photonic devices & circuits
Wetbench ISO-6 white room Online Only bench for dangerous processes; also for processes that don’t require yellow light
Wetbench ISO-5 yellow room Online Reserved for EBL processes
            200 mm Headway spinner Online Reserved for EBL resists only
Wetbench ISO-6 yellow room Online Photolithography processes only
            Headway spinner Online Reserved for “regular type” resists
            Laurell spinner Offline Under repairs.  Will be stored as spare spinner
Dektak XT profilometer Online
Nanosurf/Surfscan Atomic Force Microscope Online Current tips for use in tapping mode
Alpha Step 200 profilometer Offline Retired; vintage 1983 machine
Filmetrics reflectometer Online
4 point probe Online
MTI muffle furnace Online Room 449
Environmental probe station Offline TBD – unit needs repairs
Miele glassware washer Online Use by ANF personnel only
Agilent leak detector Online For use by ANF personnel only
Tresky Die Bonder Online Room 449: Use by ANF & SiEPICfab personnel only
TPT wire bonder Online Room 449: Use by ANF & SiEPICfab personnel only
DAD3240 dicing saw Online Room 449: Use by ANF personnel only