AJA Hybrid Evaporator System

Standard Operating Procedure for AJA UHV Hybrid Evaporator
Image - AJA UHV Ebeam and Sputter Evaporator

AJA UHV Ebeam and Sputter Evaporator

The SBQMI Nanofabrication Facility has an AJA load-locked, ultra-high-vacuum (UHV), hybrid deposition system. It is dedicated to high-purity evaporation of non-magnetic materials.


The system comprises:

  • A UHV linear e-beam source with six (6) 15cc crucibles
  • Three (3) UHV magnetron sputtering sources for 2″ diameter targets
  • One (1) UHV magnetron sputtering source for 3″ diameter targets, with 6″ stroke adjustment that allows under 3″ substrate to target working distance

The system includes both RF and DC power supplies for sputtering and has co-sputtering and reactive sputtering capabilities. It also has one RF and one DC ion sources and is equipped with heated (radiant-heated to 400 deg. C) and cooled substrate holders, with rotation and tilting capability.

The system is fully automated, including a thickness monitor, which also controls the electron gun.