Thin Film Deposition

Image - AJA UHV Ebeam and Sputter Evaporator

AJA UHV Ebeam and Sputter Evaporator

AJA UHV Hybrid Evaporator

Location: ISO-6 white room

The SBQMI Nanofabrication Facility has an AJA load-locked, ultra-high-vacuum (UHV), hybrid deposition system. It is dedicated to high-purity evaporation of non-magnetic materials.




HPIM1360DEEDIRECTORS2015: 8 source load-lock electron beam evaporator

Location: Brim449

This is a high vacuum system expected to come online sometime in 2014. In this system, up to six various materials can be evaporated in a single process.  A load-lock will allows samples to be loaded without exposing the main chamber to air thus greatly reducing pumpdown time.  The film thickness is controlled during evaporation with a thickness monitor.


TrionTRION: PECVD/RIE system

Location: ISO-6 white room

This system uses di-ethyl silane (DES), NH3, N2, N2O for the PECVD deposition of Si3N4 and SiO2.  It is also used as an RIE etcher for these materials with CF4/O2 chemistry as well as for O2 ashing/descum.