Thin Film Deposition

Image - AJA UHV Ebeam and Sputter Evaporator

AJA UHV Ebeam and Sputter Evaporator

AJA UHV Hybrid Evaporator

Location: ISO-6 white room

The system comprises:
• A UHV linear e-beam source with six (6) 15cc crucibles
• Three (3) UHV magnetron sputtering sources for 2″ diameter targets
• One (1) UHV magnetron sputtering source for 3″ diameter targets, with 6″ stroke adjustment that allows under 3″ substrate to target working distance
The system includes both RF and DC power supplies for sputtering and has co-sputtering and reactive sputtering capabilities.


HPIM1360DEEDIRECTORS2015: 8 source load-lock electron beam evaporator

Location: Brim449

This is a high vacuum system expected to come online sometime in 2014. In this system, up to six various materials can be evaporated in a single process.  A load-lock will allows samples to be loaded without exposing the main chamber to air thus greatly reducing pumpdown time.  The film thickness is controlled during evaporation with a thickness monitor.


TrionTRION: PECVD/RIE system

Location: ISO-6 white room

This system uses di-ethyl silane (DES), NH3, N2, N2O for the PECVD deposition of Si3N4 and SiO2.  It is also used as an RIE etcher for these materials with CF4/O2 chemistry as well as for O2 ashing/descum.