Neutronix-Quintel NxQ4006: 100mm mask aligner

Standard operating procedure Rev 01, 10/17 (beta version)


Rev. 01: Mario Beaudoin


Mario Beaudoin
Kostis Michelakis


Image - NxQ4006 Contact mask aligner

NxQ4006 Contact mask aligner

This is a manual mask aligner with 365 nm optics.  It is a convenient instrument for  small samples – 7x7mm – as well as wafers from 50mm to 100mm in diameter.  It can accommodate mask plates as small as 75mm and as large as 125mm. The system can be upgraded for 150mm wafers and backside alignment.


NxQ Q4006 Operation Manual 4 08-10-16


Be aware of UV radiation
Be aware of electrical hazards and ozone generation

  1. open N2 valve – unit will not come on without sufficient nitrogen
  2. turn ON main power switch
  3. turn ON the monitor
  4. turn ON the lamp power supply (main switch on RHS of PS box)
  5. fire the lamp (big momentary switch on LHS of PS box)
  6. the power should slowly ramp up until is stabilizes at around 300W
  7. fit the proper mask holder, place the mask on it and press VACUUM MASK button
  8. pull out the wafer tray all the way (make sure the chuck is down)
  9. load your wafer only use the plastic tweezers tied to the aligner to place your wafer on the chuck
  10. when the wafer is properly placed, push the wafer tray forward slowly – the vacuum will catch the wafer
  11. push the wafer tray slowly all the way in
  12. press LOAD
  13. perform the alignment if necessary
  14. push contact to bring the wafer in contact with the mask
  15. set the exposure time as required by your process using the touchpad and menu on the RHS of the aligner
  16. push EXPOSE
  17. when the exposure has completed, the wafer will lower itself and the wafer tray can be pulled all the way out
  18. pick up your wafer using the plastic tweezers

Shutting down

The nitrogen has to keep on flowing for at least 10 minutes after turning off the arc lamp to allow the fan to cool it properly.

  2. Turn the lamp off by switching off the main switch on the lamp power supply
  3. Immediately turn the switch back on to allow the cooling fan to run (obviously, do not fire the lamp at this point)
  4. Wait until the air coming out of the cooling fan has reached room temperature (takes roughly 10 min)
  5. Switch off the lamp power supply
  6. Turn the aligner off by choosing 6 from the keypad
  7. Turn off the nitrogen gas switch