Canon aligner AZ P4110 Process

To describe the positive photoresist recipe used in the AMPEL Nanofabrication Facility using the AZ P4110 Photoresist and matched AZ 400K developer diluted 1:4. AZ is a trademark of Clariant Corporation.



Karl SussAZ 4620 Process

The process described here is to deposit thick (12 μm) AZ4620 resist, which can be used as electroplating molds, with good resolution and reproducibility. The patterning of AZ4620 photoresist is performed by using a mask and an UV light contact aligner. This is a level-2 process; it requires superuser instruction.



pdms micromoldSilicone rubber micromolds (PDMS)

Silicone rubber (PDMS) is a stable, high resolution elastomer which can be used make very accurate impressions of micro structures. It can be used as a final device or as a mold for making devices out of other polymers. Since it is somewhat compliant and very inert, it makes an ideal molding compound. Silicone can handle temperatures in excess of 300 °C, so it can even be used as a mold for low melting point metals such as tin. This is a level-1 process; it requires general instruction.