Facility: Access and Info

Yellow roomThe Nanofabrication Facility is situated on the fourth floor of the AMPEL building, in room 446. It is a cleanroom laboratory consisting of a gowning room, a class 1000 lithography room (yellow room) and 2 class 10000 thin film rooms. The cleanrooms’ atmospheres are temperature and humidity controlled. They are situated in a larger “cocoon” laboratory which also houses the service chase and some storage cabinets. A chemical scrubber and the deionized water system are situated on a mezzanine above the cleanrooms. The cleanrooms are fully equipped for most micro- and nano-fabrication needs.

The lithography (yellow) room, a class 1000 cleanroom, houses 2 fully functional class 10 laminar flow wetbenches (total length of 3m), with equipment to spin on photoresist and do wet chemistry, 2 mask aligners (for 3 in. and 4 in. wafers) and a Nomarski microscope equipped with a CCD camera and computer capture. It also houses a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) which uses Nanometer Pattern Generation Software (NPGS) for electron-beam (e-beam) lithography.  Also available in the yellow room is a dry clean bench, typically used for sample cleaving and preparation, and storage cabinets for the wet chemistry dishware.

The thin film room is a class 10000 cleanroom. In addition to a state of the art ECR etcher, it houses equipment for sputter, e-beam and thermal evaporation of metals and dielectrics and a Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) system for deposition of SiO2 and SiN films. It also houses 2 Rapid Thermal Annealling (RTA) ovens and a conventional dry N2 atmosphere oven. A XeF2 gas etcher is also available for Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) etching. Two travelling probe profilometers, an alpha-step and a new DEKTAK (expected online July 08), as well as a Filmetrix F20 optical interference instrument are available for film thickness assessment. Finally, a wire bonder is available.

The westwing is our newest room and is a class 10000 cleanroom. It’s current capabilities include a 6in single target sputter system, 2 tube furnaces with 2in and 4in wafer size capabilities, a 3 source thermal evaporator and a Veeco Dektak150 mapping profilometer. Microscopes and other small instruments are also housed in the westwing and we will soon have a load-lock access 6 crucible ebeam evaporator installed in the Westwing. Both the thin film room and the westwing can accommodate more equipment as CFI, RTI and other grants get funding.

The following document contains more information: NanofabFacilityGuide