FILMETRIX F20: Thin film thickness measurement systemFilmetrix pic

Temporary location: Brim442

This instrument is used to measure the thickness of transparent and semi-transparent thin films via reflection or transmission spectroscopy.  Films as thin as a few tens of nm can be measured when the UV light is turned on.  An SOP will be coming soon.



ZEISS: Microscope with CCD camera Nomarski_microscope

Temporary location: Brim442

This microscope can image in bright/dark fields. It can be used for simple imaging and also does Nomarski microscopy. Image capture is via a CCD camera.




DektakDEKTAK XT: Profilometer with 3D capability

Temporary location: Brim442

This semiautomatic profilometer can be used for single and multiple scans. It provides data on a film thickness, or on a surface roughness and also allows 3D visualization of the scanned structures.  It can moreover be used to measure stress of thin films.




ALPHA STEP 200: Profilometeralpha step 200

In storage during cleanroom renos

This profilometer provides data on a film thickness or on the surface roughness/profile of the scanned structures.