Josh Folk

Role:  Director (2007 – April 2017)pic Josh
Contact Info:

Department of Physics, 2355 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada
AMPEL 118 (office); AMPEL 145 (lab)
604-827-3206 (office); 604-822-4334 (lab)
jfolk (at)


BSc with Honors, Stanford, 1995
PhD, Stanford, 2003

Research Interests:

Over the last ten years my research has explored the interplay of coherence, spin, and confinement, in nanostructures that span the full range of “nano”: single molecules, typically no larger than one nanometer, and complex lithographically-defined semiconductor devices that may be as large as a few microns. The experimental motivation to study structures with dimensions measured in nanometers is that electron wavelengths, coherence lengths, and scattering lengths in solid state devices are all of this same size scale: nanostructures allow us to study the coherent quantum properties of a few confined electrons in a controllable geometry.
At UBC my group continues to explore quantum coherent physics in nanostructures. Many of our experiments will focus on spin physics, because spin is the quantum degree of freedom that is most resilient to environmental decoherence.