Tresky Die BonderTresky Die Bonder

Location: Brim 449, ISO-7 cleanroom

This tool allows bonding of small die onto a chip or carrier.  It is currently used to attach laser diodes to silicon photonic chips.



TPT WirebonderTPT Wirebonder

Location: Brim 449, ISO-7 cleanroom

This tool allows wirebonding of die and chips onto carriers.



Image - Disco DAD 3240 Dicing SawDisco DAD3240 Dicing Saw

Location: Brim 449 normal room

This tool allows dicing of wafers into small die for further packaging. This dicing saw is able to dice wafers up to 200 mm diameter. It can dice several materials ranging from semiconductor wafers to ceramics and other substrates. Discuss with ANF staff to determine if it can server your needs.

Work is performed by ANF operators with exceptions allowable for heavy users.



Image - CNC microdrillCNC microdrill

Location: AMPEL/SBQMI machine shop
Currently offline but located in SBQMI machine shop. This drill was used in the past to drill small holes into glass slides to serve as access to microfluidics chips.