Fee structure

Nanofab user fees (effective November 1, 2020)

Tools and/or processes (except EBL) are categorized along three fee bands, based on costs, and the respective usage fees as in Table below. Academic rates are for Discovery type grants

Tool/Process (Not EBL) Fee Band Academic rate per hour Industry rate per hour
Wetbenches – All B $35 $105
Contact Mask Aligner B $35 $105
Maskless Aligner MLA-150 C $60 $180
AJA UHV Evaporator C $60 $180
DeeDirectors Evaporator C $60 $180
Dicing Saw B $35 $105
PE-50 Oxygen Plasma Asher A $25 $75
ECR Etcher C $60 $180
Oxford ICP Etcher C $60 $180
Samco RIE Etcher C $60 $180
Trion PECVD C $60 $180
Dektak Stylus Profiler A $25 $75
Optical Microscopes A $25 $75
Xactix XeF2 Etcher C $60 $180
Filmetrics Profiler A $25 $75
Photonic Wirebonder C $60 $180
Operator fees $70 $100

Bumblebee is still the way to book tools and to track usage.

Note that the QMI can subsidize the costs of nanofabrication on a case-by-case basis.

Electron-Beam Lithography using the JBX-8100FS fee schedule (effective June 2018)

  • Tool usage: $200/hr academic, $450/hr industry
  • GenISys BEAMER/Tracer and JEOL/Design software:
    • Academic trained tool users: free but license only allows one user at a time
    • Industry: contact ANF management
  • Operator:
    • 70$/hr academic
    • $100/hr for industry

Cap for academic users – Nanofab use other than EBL

A cap on accrued nanofab fees, other than EBL, will be also offered, independently of any EBL caps, on a per-grant basis.  This cap set at $10k of cleanroom usage yearly (excluding EBL), beyond which a small, nominal charge will apply, at 10% of the normal rate (see Table).  The cap year starts counting from April 1st 2020, so any nanofab fees (excluding EBL) PIs have incurred since that date, will count towards the $10k cap for all services other than EBL.

Training, qualifications for academic users

Initial user inductions, training and qualification, are free for academic users.  We also offer free consultations in order to discuss your nanofab needs and define a plan of work that works best, given our available processes and capabilities.

Teaching labs:

  • Independent agreement with ANF management