Becoming a member

The AMPEL Nanofabrication Facility is a fee-based service laboratory open to UBC and outside users. To gain access to the facility and for any other enquiries, please email (ANF@AMPEL.UBC.CA).  For safety reasons — people and equipment — access to the equipment is restricted to qualified users only. New users are expected to complete the cleanroom orientation course before being admitted into the lab (this assumes that they have followed the UBC chemical safety training course or equivalent). Completion of this orientation course gives access to the cleanroom but not its equipment.  A training and qualification process is in place to ensure that new users get adequate training.


In Brief

To become a Nanofab member:

  1. Determine your needs and our capabilities by meeting with an ANF member (contact us at ANF@AMPEL.UBC.CA) .
  2. Have completed the UBC Laboratory Chemical Safety Course (the one with a practical component). Equivalent certificates from other institutions may be accepted upon review.  To register (
  3. Attend the orientation lecture
  4. Attend the in-lab orientation tour
  5. Send the ANF an electronic copy of your Safety Certificate
  6. Get your supervisor to approve your cleanroom use

This gives you access to enter the cleanroom, shadow other users, but NOT the authorization to perform nanofab work on your own.

To gain access to equipment:

  1. Find out what equipment and processes are available at
  2. Read the SOPs
  3. Contact the ANF ( to schedule training (sometimes allowed by an already trained member of your group)
  4. Contact the ANF staff to schedule a qualification practical test
  5. Learn how to use the reservation system (accessible from the home webpage)


Safety information is accessible from the ANF webpage:

Dangerous processes can only be performed under the “BUDDY SYSTEM”.

  1. A process is deemed dangerous if it involves strong acids and bases, produces fumes and gases that are hazardous to health (if unsure, discuss with ANF staff)
  2. A BUDDY is someone PHYSICALLY present in the cleanroom with you
  3. Someone who knows enough to assist you in case of an accident (walk you to the eyewash/shower station, rinse your contaminated gloves before you touch other things, call for help).
  4. You must wear the full PPE (blue apron, green chemical gloves, faceshield); the faceshield may be optional as long as you perform all work protected by the wetbench sash AND you are wearing safety glasses
  5. The buddy is not required to wear the PPE but MUST know that you are performing potentially dangerous work (ie if you “find” a buddy in the cleanroom, make sure they know and agree to their roles)

Out of hours access (Regular hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm; Out of hours access can be granted to experienced users):

  1. Send an email to with your request (request is automatic unless denied if you are an experienced user)
  2. Dangerous processes under the BUDDY system but highly discouraged out of hours
  3. ALL “safe” work require a REMOTE BUDDY:
    1. A Remote Buddy is someone with full access to the building and the cleanrooms (ie, a qualified cleanroom user)
    2. The Remote Buddy knows what time you are in the nanofab and can contact you at any time (eg text, email, phone)
    3. The Remote Buddy is to be advised when you leave the nanofab (and is expected to check on you if you fail to do so)

(last update: Jan 5, 2024)

Please read the following documentation for further details on the facility (out of date but still has the main points):