ANF Store

The ANF can supply various small tools and cleanroom supplies. Here is a list of available supplies:

  • Silicon wafers: various grades and doping, 3″ and 4″; variable stock:
    • 25$ for regular (includes carrier tray)
    • 50$ for premium or double side polish wafers (includes carrier tray)
  • Materials for evaporation: only expensive materials are charged to users, all other materials are included in the evaporation charges
    • Gold currently 85$/gram in DeeDirectors
    • Gold, 5N, currently 110$/gram in AJA
    • Platinum currently 55$/gram
    • Palladium, currently 125$/gram in DeeDirectors
  • Gel pack sample boxes
    • 2×2 inch medium grip (X4): 6$
    • 2×2 inch strong grip (X8): 6$
  • Plastic wafer carrier boxes: 3″ and 4″
    • 3 inch and under: 6$
    • 4 inch: 6$
  • Tweezers: various metal and plastic models available (see attached pictures below)
    • Metal tweezer for 3in wafers: 46$
    • Metal tweezer for 4in wafers: 47$
    • Metal tweezer, regular narrow tip, NM: 22$
    • Metal tweezer, self-closing: 23$
    • Plastic tweezer,thin flat points: 4$
    • Plastic tweezer, extra wide tip: 4$
    • Fluorocarbon acid resistant plastic tweezer, wide points: 11$
  • Diamond scribe pens: 32$
  • Other items may be purchased through the nanofab; enquire with nanofab staff.

The ANF store is meant to help out users but is not meant to be complete. We will be adding and removing items from this list depending on user demand.
To purchase any of these items, please contact one of the nanofab staff.  Click below to see pictures of some of the items.

Images of supplies