ECR 1PLASMAQUEST: ECR plasma etcher

This system uses CF4, O2, Cl2, BCl3, N2 and Ar chemistries. It is used extensively to etch SOI and GaAs based photonic nanocrystals, GaAs based VCSELs as well as various other materials.



Plasma-Etch PE-50: Plasma etcher

The system uses Ar and O2 gases. It can be used for descum, or total removal of photoresist.




XactixXACTIX: XeF2 etcher

This is a dry etching system.  It uses Xenon Difluoride for isotropic Silicon etch.




TrionTRION: RIE/PECVD system

This system uses di-ethyl silane (DES), NH3, N2, N2O and has been optimized for the PECVD deposition of Si3N4 and SiO2.  However, it can also be used as an RIE etcher for these materials with CF4/O2 chemistry as well as for O2 ashing/descum.