Fee structure

The following is the fee schedule (effective July 1, 2013):

  • A per faculty annual cap of
    • Full charges up to $20,000/yr for clean-room access and equipment fees
    • Half charges for usage exceeding $20,000/yr for clean-room access and equipment fees

Logging done upon entry/exit of cleanroom, on computer

  • Cleanroom access fee: $45/hr academic, $125/hr industry
  • Includes most consumables (gloves, bouffants, paper, wipes, photoresists, solvents, alcohols, common acids, developers). Except coveralls, booties, evaporation sources.
  • Process Engineer charges: $70/hr academic, $100/hr industry (not included in cap), for processing and fabrication, training, qualifying

Fee surcharges on selected equipment (NB: total equipment cost = access fee + surcharge):

  • $0/hr: wet-bench, spinner, alpha-step, microscopes
  • $10/hr: most equipment that needs a reservation (mask aligners,evaporators, wirebonder, RTA, PECVD, etchers, ovens, new thin-film profilometers)
  • $20/hr: ECR
  • $40/hr: Disco saw, CNC microdrill
  • $120/hr academic $150/hr industry: AMPEL SEM (includes operator)
  • Costs for user training and qualification (student to student)
    • Trainee pays double-access time, Trainer gets access time credit
    • NB: such arrangements need to be set up with the manager to ensure proper billing
  • Teaching labs: independent agreement with ANF management