Fee structure


Our online booking system, Bumblebee, has been updated to accommodate the changes brought about by our temporary accommodations.

  • Bumblebee is still the way to book tools and to track usage.
  • Fees are 35$/hr for all equipment
    • Wetbench: includes spinner, photoresist, developers, solvents
    • AJA evaporator
    • DeeDirectors evaporator
    • Adamist equipment (fees to be invoiced by AMPEL/Adamist admin)
  • Included (no charge)
    • Training by ANF personnel
    • NxQ4006 mask aligner (may be used with wetbench reservation only)
  • Fees for using the EBL system are separate

We hope the above helps. Please bear with us until the renovations are completed and we are sure we will then be in the position to offer you both more capabilities, and a high quality of service.

The following is the fee schedule (effective June 2018)

Note that the QMI can subsidize the costs of nanofabrication on a case-by-case basis.

Electron-Beam Lithography using the JBX-8100FS

(NB: these charges will be revised before the end of 2018)

  • Tool usage: $200/hr academic, $450/hr industry
  • GenISys BEAMER/Tracer and JEOL/Design software:
    • Academic trained tool users: free but license only allows one user at a time
    • Industry: contact ANF management
  • Operator:
    • 70$/hr academic
    • $100/hr for industry

Cleanroom usage

Logging done upon entry/exit of cleanroom, on computer

  • Cleanroom access fee: $45/hr academic, $125/hr industry
  • Includes most consumables (gloves, bouffants, paper, wipes, photoresists, solvents, alcohols, common acids, developers). Except coveralls, booties, evaporation sources.
  • Process Engineer charges: $70/hr academic, $100/hr industry for processing and fabrication, training, qualifying

Fee surcharges on selected equipment (NB: total equipment cost = access fee + surcharge):

  • $0/hr: wet-bench, spinner, alpha-step, microscopes
  • $10/hr: most equipment that needs a reservation (mask aligners,evaporators, wirebonder, RTA, PECVD, etchers, ovens, new thin-film profilometers)
  • $20/hr: ECR
  • $40/hr: Disco saw, CNC microdrill
  • Training and qualification on instruments is currently free of charge

Teaching labs: independent agreement with ANF management