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Superuser: Matthias Kroug

SBQMI Nanofab has state-of-the-art EBL capability, made possible with the use of a JEOL JBX8100FS 100kV tool, located in a dedicated cleanroom in Lab 65, at the basement of the Brimacombe SBQMI extension. This is a Class ISO-7 cleanroom with an air handling unit capable of keeping the temperature constant within a tenth of a degree per hour. The lab floor sits on a stand-alone concrete slab, acting as a passive vibration isolation platform. Other environmental parameters are also well within specs for this demanding process. The EBL tool has been up and running for 2 years now, and as can be confirmed by its users, both academic and industrial, performance is according to or better than the documented specs for the type. Furthermore, following the recent nanofab cleanroom renovation, the Class ISO-5 yellow cleanroom, with brand new wet-bench and 8-inch capable spinner and hotplate, are dedicated to EBL resist processing. Preparation and conditioning of write data is done by using the industry-standard Beamer software, to which all EBL users are given free remote access. There is also a pre-alignment microscope to aid sample loading with precise orientation, and a Zeiss SEM next door in Lab 63, for imaging of EBL work. The nanofab tech team has access to this electron microscope. However, EBL users who are likely to need the SEM regularly for their work, are advised to make their own arrangements with this SEM facility. The EBL operation is supported by a dedicated full-time process engineer. Therefore, we can safely claim that at SBQMI nanofab we have Canada’s top EBL capability and user support.

Booking guidelines:

  1. On weekdays between 9am and 5pm the max length of a slot is 3h
  2. Evening/overnight slots on weekdays that are longer than 5h must start after 5pm and be finished by 9am
  3. Exceptions to 1. and 2.:  Slots can be extended but an advance reservation window of 20 hours applies
  4. For slots longer than 20 hours on weekends, an advance reservation window of 10 days applies


Image - The JEOL JBX8100FS and its performance specification

The JEOL JBX8100FS and its performance specification