E-Beam Lithography System (JEOL JBX-8100FS)

This electron beam pattern generator was installed at QMI in May 2018.

Main specifications:

  • High brightness electron source (ZrO/W thermal field emitter).
  • Electron optical column to form a 100keV beam.
  • Current range 0.1nA to 200nA, minimum spot size 2nm.
  • Maximum writing field size 1mm2, scan deflector speed 125MHz.
  • Dynamic focus and stigmation control across scan fields.
  • Laser controlled stage, maximum travel range 170mm x 170mm.
  • Substrate sizes from 5x5mm2 to 8inch wafers can be accommodated.
  • Automated mark detection, overlay accuracy <20nm.

For data preparation, including proximity correction, we offer access to the BEAMER software licensed by Genisys GmbH.

Contact: Matthias ( matthias.kroug@ubc.ca )