MINIBRUTE: Tube furnace


Minibrut furnaceMinibrute Furnace


Alina Kulpa


The largest wafers accepted by the Minibrute furnace are 2″.  The controller manages temperature from 200 C up to 1100C.  Each material processed in this furnace requires its own quartzware to prevent cross contamination.  This furnace is mostly used for wet and dry oxidation.

MAX. TEMP. 1050°C
Make sure that you use the proper quartzware for your process.
  1. Check gasses for the sufficient amounts.
  2. Turn on the water in the chase (red handle)
  3. Turn on the water on the furnace line – this is inside the new cleanroom (black handle).
  4. Turn on Nitrogen and Oxygen in the chase
  5. Inside the cleanroom close to the furnace – adjust N2 and O2 flows on the flow meters.
  6. Make sure that the Fan Breaker on the front of the furnace is “ON”.
  7. Set the temperature controllers for your process. Please remember to unlock them (black small lever to the left) before turning them to the proper numbers. Lock them after settings are done.
  8. To start the furnace turn “ON” breakers for the filaments and controller – these are located on the controller at the back of the furnace.
  9. Before running your oxidation process you should allow dry nitrogen to flow through the furnace for at least 20 min.
  10. After finishing your process – again switch to dry Nitrogen and turn “OFF” the filaments and controller breakers.
  11. Dry Nitrogen and cooling water MUST be left “ON” till the furnace gets down to at least 200°C.