Keyence 3D confocal microscope

keyence-3dBonsoir Mario,


Désole pour le retard de retour de votre email (question d’être malade). Voici un procédure simple à suivre pour obtenir des images :


  • Go on measurement tab
  • Go on advance setting tab
  • Try to get the image in focus using the coarse dial on the stage
  • Switch to laser view and make sure that the image is still in focus
  • Setup the lower bound and upper bound using arrows and set low and set upper button
  • Note the distance between lower bound and upper bound (lets call it D)
  • Press auto gain to adjust the laser gain within the limits
  • Use surface measurement on the next section
  • Use 1024 X756 (not sure about the exact numbers) quality
  • Use high speed mode
  • Now you’d need to setup the z-pitch:
    1. If RPD box is checked, make sure that D  is at least 5 times greater than z-pitch
    2. If not, uncheck the RPD function and find the appropriate z-pitch from the menu beside it.
  • Click measurement


Fois que l’acquisition d’image est fait, le logiciel Multifile analysis va s’ouvrir. Voici ce qu’il faut faire avant p[rendre des mesures :


  • Click on process image
  • Go to option Reference Plane setting.
  • Use the available tools to tell the device the location of the reference plane. This will correct the tilt of the sample and the results will be more accurate.
  • Press OK and close reference plane setting
  • In process image menu, click on height cut level
  • Use below rule of thumb to reduce the noise:
    1. If you are using 10X lens, use strong
    2. For 20X lens use medium or strong
    3. 50X use low or nothing
    4. 150X use low or nothing
  • Click OK and close height cut level
  • Click OK and close process image menu


Now you are ready to use Profile tab or Plane tab to do height and width measurements. Try to use as much as possible the Assist Tools when trying to setup a profile.


At any point of time, you may refer to user manual for more detailed explanation of options mentioned above.  Data capture is explained in Viewer software reference manual 6-24 (136)



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